Added Groups in the UI and Google Workspaces as an Identity Provider, and more!

Today we released version 0.14.0 of Infra. The headliner features for this release are support for groups in the UI, and integration with Google Workspaces as an Identity Provider. And of course there was also a number of other features and updates.

In version 0.13.6 two weeks ago, we added support for local groups in the CLI. We already had support for groups if using one of the supported Identity Providers, but that was also only in the CLI. In this latest release we now are supporting all groups in the UI. This means supporting both groups from OIDC integrations as well as locally defined groups.

Groups in the UI

We also now support working with users and groups from your Google Workspace. You can find the documentation for setting this up here: With this we now offer full support of users and groups from Okta, Azure AD, and Google Workspaces.

Google Workspaces

There were also a number of other features and updates added to Infra in this release. These include preparation for password requirments, better Identity Provider buttons, pagination in the CLI and preparation for pagination in the UI, and improving our support for postgres as a backing database. You can read all the details in the release at

Note: The previous version was 0.13.6. The reason for the jump to 0.14.0 is that we removed some older API migrations but based on our telemetry we can see that no one is actually using that older version. We also now require that access keys created in the UI or CLI must have a minimum length of 3 characters, versus the lack of restrictions previously.

Matt Williams - Technovangelist @ Infra

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